My Mideast Punchlines: It’s already lights out for the UK

Britain’s Channel 4 is to broadcast the Islamic call to prayer every morning during the holy month of Ramadan. Station boss Ralph Lee claimed the fact that the UK’s 2.8 million Muslims will celebrate Ramadan next month put last year’s Royal celebrations in the shade. “I want to set out to provoke people to think about Islam in ways that aren’t associated with terrorism.,” he said.

Small FistLEFT HOOK: Too late, Ralph, old chap, non-Muslim Brits already associate ‘Allahu Akhbar’ with a Syrian rebel lunching on the heart and lungs he’s just ripped from the body of an adversary (also Muslim), and the  machete-wielding blood-crazed killer of British squaddie Lee Rigby

Small FistRIGHT HOOK: Channel 4 is already planning to broadcast live the last Christian to exit the UK. He or she will be asked (politely) to turn the lights out while chanting the words, Allahu Akhbar!


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