My Mideast Punchlines: No more Morsi

The overthrow of the Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi was greeted by a general wringing of hands on the part of the liberal left media, especially the BBC. “But surely he was democratically elected, and therefore there is no legitimacy to the army coup,” they bleated.

Small FistNo mercy for you, Mr Morsi, and really no surprise when you consider that you tried to turn yourself into a pharaoh and subject the Egyptian people to Iranian-style theocratic tyranny. Democracy and theocratic fundamentalism are antithetical. There can be no true democracy when church and state remain undivided. The trouble is that Egypt is split between those looking slightly westwards and those seeking solace in Islamic medievalism. I know who I prefer to come out on top. The only fly in the ointment is that whoever is in power, the vast majority of the people will continue to hate America, the West and Israel, and not necessarily in that order.


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