My Punchlines: Boring…and in 3D

Are the Palestinians boring? Bret Stephens  Seems to think so in the Wall Street Journal.

      And yet for all its presumed importance, the Palestinian saga has gotten awfully boring, hasn’t it? The grievances that remain unchanged, the cast of characters that never alters, the same schematics, the cliches that were shopworn decades ago.  If it were a drama, it would be “the X-files”–in its 46th season. The truth is out there. Still. We get it. We just don’t give a damn anymore.

Small FistThe X-files? More like the Pallywood Files – a science fiction extravaganza that includes such pearls as the Arabs being the original settlers of the Land of Israel, and that there were more Arabs than Jews in the Holy Land at every stage of its post-Abrahamic history…one could go on and on. Coming soon to a Cinema near you. And in 3D… Demonization, Delegitimization and Denial (of Israel).


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