My Mideast Punchlines: What happens when you drop the ‘t’ in terror?

So European governments have agreed to place Hezbollah’s ‘military wing’ on the EU’s list of terrorist organisations. Big deal! In practice, the designation leaves Hezbollah with a great deal of freedom to operate in Europe. Why didn’t the Europeans also proscribe the group’s political wing, especially when Hezbollah itself repeats ad nauseam that ‘there are no wings separate from one another, and that what’s being said in Brussels ‘doesn’t exist for us’?

And while we’re about it, why doesn’t the UN also proscribe the terror group?

Small FistBecause, while not themselves classed as terror groups, the EU and UN are serial error groups. In fact, the latter is dominated by so many ne’er do wells and naifs, I now rename them the United Nincompoops. The latter should be re-labelled the UUE, The Union of Unctuous Europeans. God help us all.



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