My Mideast Punchlines: my enemy’s enemy…

Hamas has finally admitted that it is the Egyptians, and not Israel, who have turned the Gaze Strip into a “big prison.”

A senior Hamas official said this was because of the continued closure of the Rafah border crossing by the Egyptian authorities since June 30.

But this is a story that has not found its way to the pages of mainstream newspapers in the west because it does not in any way ‘implicate’ Israel. It is well known that other Arabs hate the Palestinians almost as much as they hate the Israelis. And, of course, the anti-Israel human rights fanatics are strangely silent. Why, there’s not even a flotilla in sight protesting at the crackdown by the Egyptians.

Meanwhile, good old Israel continues to satisfy the Gazans’ every need (rockets not included): since the beginning of the year, nearly 34,000 trucks carrying more than 950,000 tons of goods entered the Gaza Strip through Israel.

Small FistWhich only goes to prove that the best friend that the Palestinians have in the region is a six-letter word beginning with ‘I’ and ending with ‘L’. (Whisper it gently).



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