My Mideast Punchlines: Iran’s new Sultan of Swing

Hassan Rohani – that’s the guy who took over from Ahmedinnerjacket –  has appointed Iran’s first female vice president. Rohani’s political opponents are grumbling that all his appointees are Western educated.

Small FistRohani is Iran’s new Sultan of Swing. Of course, the problem is that we in the west are going to be in dire straits if we fall for his antics. He’s smoother than a Mr Whippy, so expect to see more appointees to please the useful idiots of the liberal left. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a host of further appointments,  such as Minister for Denying Denial of the Holocaust and Minister for Freeing the World of Zionism through Love and Affection. Barmy Rohani may be too sexy for his shirt, but here’s one westerner who won’t be taken in by a man who has pledged to make Iran a nuclear superpower  in order to wipe out Israel and half the world in the hope of encouraging the return of the boy Imam, who will create peace on earth for all (but only if you are a Muslim). Which, of course, we all will be by then. Allahu Akhbar!



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