My Mideast Punchlines: You couldn’t make it up…

I thought I’d just like to reveal an email I sent to some friends today:

Hi Mike and Judy

…I just felt I had to give you this link. Sri Lankan-born Dutch student Timon Dias (not Jewish) has written articles that won him an award. Just read each of them, and then tell me why on earth anyone in his right mind would support such a twisted and immoral Palestinian cause.

Small FistJust one more thing to add: Simon Schama, in his new BBC 2 series The Story of the Jews, says that since the erection of the barrier separating Israel from the west bank (only 3% being a wall, with the rest being a fence) the number of Israelis murdered by Palestinians has shrunk from 2,000 to zero. As Schama says in one of his programmes, this means that “if you don’t live in Israel, you should shut (the hell) up!

BTW, Mahmoud Abbas has $100 million in his personal bank account, thanks to you, me and all the other taxpayers in the UK, US and EU who have been duped by successive governments into sustaining the Palestinians for decades, thus breeding dependency and a disinclination to even attempt responsible pre-state building. We pay for their terrorism decade after decade. You couldn’t make it up!

If I come across another Boycott Israel idiot, I think I’ll scream!


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