My Mideast Punchlines: A ‘new’ dance craze…the Persian three-step

There are many different types of dances throughout the world, from the Israeli Hora to the Japanese Noh, and from the Waltz to the Twist. But now a ‘new’ dance craze is set to hit the world. It’s called the Persian Three-Step. This dance, however, is an exact copy of one that has been played out between North Korea and the United States for many years. The essence of the dance is to take one step backwards in order to convince useful idiots that you are reining back your desire to build nuclear weapons, and then to take two steps forward. Anyone with a basic knowledge of science will realise that if you use this process to get from A to B, you are going to reach your destination sooner rather than later.

According to Der Spiegel  (The Mirror), Iranian President Hassan Rouhani may consider closing down Iran’s illicit uranium enrichment facility at Fordo under IAEA supervision in exchange for the removal or weakening of economic sanctions against Iran’s oil exports and its central bank. While Obama supporters hail this development as a foreign policy victory for the United States, his critics have warned that his actions in cutting a deal with Russia regarding Syria have destroyed the credibility of his threat to use force to prevent Iran from developing or deploying nuclear weapons.

So where does North Korea come into the equation? Well, the North Korean Three-Step dance originated in early 1994, after the US cancelled planned joint military exercises with South Korea as a goodwill gesture to the North. The talks led to the Agreed-Framework Agreement under which North Korea agreed to shut down its nuclear installation at Yongbyon , where it was suspected of developing plutonium-based nuclear weapons. In exchange, the US and its allies agreed to build light water nuclear reactors in North Korea, and to provide North Korea with oil for energy production until the reactors were up and running. In November 2002, the North Koreans acknowledged that they were engaging in illicit uranium enrichment activities. In January 2003, Pyongyang announced it was withdrawing from the NPT.

Between then and now the Three-Step took on a life of its own.
2003: the US suspends its talks with North Korea.
2005: North Korea announces that it possesses a nuclear arsenal.
2006: North Korea launches its first test of a nuclear bomb.
2007: US and North Korea reach an agreement under which Pyongyang agrees to close down Yongbyon in exchange for a resumption of shipments of free oil.
2007: Israel nearly throws a spanner in the works by destroying a North Korean built nuclear reactor almost identical to the Yongbyon reactor in the Syrian desert. Having become operational, Syria would likely have developed a nuclear arsenal by now.
2008 (summer): the North Koreans demolish Yongbyon’s cooling tower.
2008 (autumn): unbelievably, amid fears that North Korea had reopened the reactor, the US removed North Korea from the State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism.
2009: Pyongyang resumes its reprocessing of spent fuel rods for the production of plutonium. And the next month. it conducts another nuclear test. The US huffs and puffs, but the Obama administration remains committed to the six-party talks with North Korea.

2010: North Korean scientists say that the plutonium reactor at Yongbyon has been shut down, but in the same year they begin open enrichment of uranium at the plant.

2013: North Korea conducts a third nuclear test (whether it’s a plutonium or uranium bomb is unclear). Satellite imagery seems to confirm that they have resumed their plutonium production activities at Yongbyon.

Need I say more? Well, yes, actually.

Substitute Iran for North Korea and you start to understand why the Persian carpet is being readied to fly the gullible West to cloud cuckoo land. Aided and abetted by the axis of China and Russia, the Iranians have developed their own version of the North Korean Three-Step. And why not, I ask? It has worked for the Kim dynasty.

Small FistMy advice to the United States is that while it takes two to tango, the oleaginous Rouhani needs his toes trampled on. Nothing on the dance floor puts a suitor off more than having his tootsies crushed.


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