My Mideast Punchlines: Plane stupid….

Syria has signed an agreement with Iran allowing it to station its jets in the Islamic republic to protect them from possible attacks, the German weekly Der Spiegel has reported.

Syria does not share a border with Iran. The shortest route between the two countries is across northern Iraq – and that is the most likely path Syria’s fleeing jets would take.

On Sunday, Der Spiegel issued excerpts from an interview with Assad in which the Syrian president conceded that he had “made mistakes,” but insisted that all sides were to blame.

Small Fist

Well, Assad, old chap, you’ve made another biggie. Someone once said that if you don’t learn from mistakes of the past, you’re bound to repeat them. So I’m here just to remind you that when Saddam Hussein did the same thing, Iran confiscated the aircraft. Indeed, you would have been much better off giving the jets to Israel to look after. Israel would have made sure that you got them back. Why? For target practice, of course.


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