Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles….

Such irony from the Nobel prize committee: The prestigious Nobel Prize for physics will be shared by Dr François Englert (a Belgian Holocaust survivor with close research ties to Tel Aviv University) and Dr Peter Higgs, of Higgs boson fame. The two physicists worked independently of each other and were honoured for their subatomic theories on what is popularly known as the God particle. But try not to get too excited too quickly. They could never have worked together. Why not? Read below:

Small Fist(To the tune of Miracle of Miracles from Fiddler on the roof) Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles – God took the scientist by the hand, turned him around and – miracle of miracles – led him to the promised land! When Moses softened Pharaoh’s heart, that was a miracle. When God made the waters of the Red Sea part, that was a miracle too! But of all God’s miracles large and small, the most miraculous one of all is that a Jew they did hail  – together with a boycotter of Isra-el.  Wonder of wonders, irony of ironies….

Dr Peter Higgs supports the academic boycott of Israel. Go figure.


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