My Mideast Punchlines: where’s my chainsaw…..

Investigative journalist Edwin Black has laid bare the inner workings of PA stipends to terrorists imprisoned in Israel. The bottom line is that Western aid money is subsidising terror. While Israelis have known about these payments for years, Black has revealed new details that should shake all of us.

Under a sliding scale, carefully articulated in the law of the prisoner, the more serious the act of terrorism, the longer the prison sentence, and consequently, the higher the salary. Forgetting the paltry $400 per month paid for incarceration for up to 3 years, get yourself ten to 15 years and you could be earning a salary of about $1,700 per month. Want to join the big-league? Do something really evil, get yourself between fifteen and 20 years, and earn almost $2,000 per month.

These are the best salaries in the Palestinian territories. PA law ensures the greatest financial reward for the most egregious acts of terrorism.

About 6% of the Palestinian budget is diverted to prisoner salaries. All this money comes from so-called “donor countries,” such as the United States, Great Britain, Norway and Denmark.

Small FistIf you are one of the useful idiots who believes that Israel is at fault for every act of Palestinian terrorism, then you are bound to say that this is money well spent. Meanwhile, the rest of us continue to throw up our arms in exasperation at the naivete and duplicity of our leaders. Of course, there’s a simple solution: divert all those funds to the families of the victims of terrorism. I can already hear the squeals from the insouciant denizens of Ramallah at the very thought of it . They will bleat that there should be no discrimination against the only people in the world with “permanent” refugee status. I mean, let’s face it, if you were receiving state handouts for more than sixty years, you too would be disinclined to admit that you were a sponging ne’er-do-well from the very start. Instead, you would continue to play the victim for all it’s worth. No sensibility, no responsibility and no accountability. Murder incentivised. Now, where’s my chainsaw?


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