My Mideast Punchlines: brainless journalism…

Can someone please lend the New York Times a moral compass? They seem to have mislaid their one a long time ago. The latest example of North equalling South is their coverage of the fatal stabbing of Israeli soldier Eden Atias by a sixteen-year-old Palestinian. To start with, it was ten paragraphs down in the story before we even learnt the details of the frenzied attack on Atias while he slept on a bus in Afula. The majority of the article was spent on issues surrounding the settlements. And just to ensure against any notion that an Israeli could be the victim, the NY Times chose a photo of a distraught mother to go with it. You might think that the photo would have been of the bereaved Israeli mother. Wrong. It was a photo of the mother of the killer, surrounded by well-wishers and photos of her errant son. She looked quite upset at the thought of him having to survive many years in an Israeli jail for his crime (until, that is, he is released in yet another one-sided deal with the PA.). And in another example of that newspaper’s skewed moral equivalence, NY Times’ Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren agreed that the photo was not the best choice. It should have at least been paired with a picture of the victim, she said.

Small FistI’m sure that the unfortunate victim’s mother would have been very pleased with Ms Rudoren’s revised take on her newspaper’s report of the attack. The NY Times has for many years been a sandwich short of a picnic. Following this latest example of  ‘outstanding’ journalistic ethics, it is clearly a picnic short of a basket. Unless, of course, it is following an anti-Israel agenda. Heaven forbid!!



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