My Mideast Punchlines: the non-sequiter of non-sequiters….

In a rant against Israel, Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran called the Zionist regime the ‘rabid dog’ of the region. Speaking to the Basij militia, he was in more conciliatory mood, however, when it came to the United States. “We want to have friendly relations with all nations (what, including Israel?-RR),” he said, “even the United States. We are not hostile to the American nation. They are like other nations in the world (erdoes that include Israel? – RR). Guess what happened next?

Small FistThe rent-a-crowd militia broke into frenzied chants of “Death to America”, the main rallying cry of supporters of the regime. How did Iran’s red-faced Mr Big get out of that non-sequiter? I think he may have slipped out the back door.


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