My Mideast Punchlines: back to the future with (dis)honour…

Honour killings are on the rise in the West Bank. They are mostly blamed on PA paralysis, patriarchal views, as well as incidents covering up crimes, family disputes and incest. But you can always count on someone to take the view that ‘Israel made me beat my wife’.

That someone is Palestinian Minister of Women’s Affairs Rabiha Diab saved much of her blame for violence towards women for Israel: “the Israeli occupation is the one practising the utmost violence.. It’s the main thing keeping us from advancing.”

Small FistNo, Minister, you never advance because you are all prisoners of your mediaeval culture and your stultifying religion. Honour killings are probably the most cowardly acts in the pantheon of man’s inhumanity towards woman. And as far as the perpetrators are concerned… off with their heads!  Or maybe it should be genitalia first, because that’s where their brains tend to reside.


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