My Mideast Punchlines: dumb and dumber…

As Caroline Glick’s views in the Jerusalem Post mirror my own, it’s easier for me to just give you the link, and then re-read my punchline below.

Small FistObama and Kerry: dumb and dumber…not that they are much different from their predecessors when it comes to US foreign policy. As an Americophile, I am constantly frustrated by the ineptness of its leaders. They persistently fail to understand that there is a pathology at work in the Arab world that makes it inherently unstable. This pathology is based on the tenets of Islam and a culture that is still rooted in the Middle Ages. Foremost in this pathology is the doctrine of taqiyya (deception), especially when it comes to infidels. And this does not necessarily mean only non-Muslims. For instance, in Saudi Arabia, the majority Sunni population regard the minority Shia as heretics, traitors and infidels and, like other non-Sunnis, they are often persecuted.

The US administration, not to speak of the EU, fail to understand or appreciate the thoroughly legalistic nature of Islam. According to sharia (Islamic law), every conceivable human act is categorised as being either forbidden, discouraged, permissible, recommended, or obligatory. “Commonsense” or “universal opinion” has little to do with Islam’s notions of right and wrong. Only what Allah (through the Koran) and his Prophet Muhammad (through the Hadith) have to say about any given issue matters; and how Islam’s greatest theologians and jurists – collectively known as the ulema, literally, “they who know” – have articulated it.

Keeping one’s word is a tenet of Judaeo-Christian doctrine. Therefore, in the Arab world, especially, taqiyya means that a promise is made only on a temporary basis, and is kept as long as it serves the purpose of the uma, the Islamic nation. There is no conception of guilt for lying.

It behooves Western leaders, and I include those of Israel, to remember this.



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