My Mideast Punchlines: Why prickly Poe leaves me po-faced….

Congressman Ted Poe slams PA stipends to terrorists. The Texas representative writes in a Jerusalem Post op-ed.

When a Palestinian Arab terrorist murders an Israeli or an American in Israel, they can wind up receiving a generous salary, in excess of $40,000 a year, for their crime. And if you are a US taxpayer, you are footing part of the tab . . .

Even more galling, some of these salaried PA terrorists have killed and maimed US citizens! What is to be done? First and foremost, we need to stop subsidizing Palestinian Arab terrorists. We can start by halting all funding to the PA until they abolish the Law of the Prisoner.

Small FistPrickly Poe leaves me po-faced. Not because he isn’t right, but because the Western powers will not heed his plaint. Instead, they will continue to make themselves the laughing stock of the Arab world. The Arabs simply have no respect for the poor sap running ‘the world’s greatest superpower’. Take the money from the foolish Infidel and run is their mantra. America subsiding Palestinians  who’ve butchered Americans. You couldn’t make it up. Stop smirking, my fellow Brits, because we’re also coughing up our hard-earned cash to keep Palestinian leaders in the lap of luxury. Truly pathetic.


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