My Mideast Punchlines: of men and pygmies…

Small FistI have come to the conclusion that the present American administration is an enemy of the very values we hold dear. Naive and stupid to the point of crassness, it has constantly regarded Hamas as an organisation “we can do business with”. Enough is enough! Hamas, as an extension of the Muslim Brotherhood, do not just want to destroy Israel, they want complete domination of Western civilisation by an Islamic caliphate . How many ceasefires must Israel observe and Hamas break before the pusillanimous Obama and Kerry deem to call the devil by its name?

Hamas must be denuded of its weapons and its power, whatever it takes. Even Egypt wants this. Indeed, so do all the Arabs, apart from the jihadis and their supporters. And, more importantly, this is what ordinary civilians in Gaza want. They despise Hamas more than we do. Remember, Hamas has banned all singing and music in the godforsaken Strip. They have even executed wedding guests for defying this order. Hamas and the Moslem Brotherhood are psychotic organisations that should have no place in 21st-century civilisation.

And when a US administration aligns itself with the anti-Semitic prime minister of Turkey and also with Qatar – a major financier of Hamas terror – it’s time to head for the hills. The peripatetic Kerry has becoming the laughing stock of the Arab world, and his boss is the greatest political stand-up comedian in the history of the American presidency. Wither a Lincoln, a Teddy Roosevelt, a Harry Truman?

Unfortunately, the free world is led not by statesmen, but by pygmies.


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