My Mideast Punchlines: Lord of the Lies…

Paddy Ashdown, the ex-leader of the Liberal Democrats, has called Israel’s attacks on Gaza “foolish” and “disproportionate”.

Speaking to the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Lord Ashdown said neither Israel nor Palestine could “blast their way to victory” and that the only way forward was for them to “sit down and talk to each other”.

Lord Ashdown said negotiations between Israel and Hamas may not be pleasant, but he compared the situation to the conflicts in Bosnia and Northern Ireland where peace deals were brokered.

“In Bosnia, particularly, you had to talk to very unpleasant people,” he said.

“[Former Serbian president Slobodan] Milosevic was not the kind of person you would invite round to dinner but you had to talk to him.”

Lord Ashdown, formerly the UK’s special representative in Bosnia, said Israel had been “very foolish” to launch its military strikes given it had the “best anti-missile system in the world”.

He said Israel had lost the “support and sympathy of world opinion”.


Small FistNo, Mr Ashdown, Israel has lost only the support and sympathy of fellow travellers of Islamic extremism such as yourself. You, Mr Ashdown, in the name of liberal-left guilt at our once being a colonial power, take sides against the only democratic state in the Middle East.

Your comments to the BBC are so full half-truths and downright naivety that to think that you might have become a leader of this country is truly scary.

Yes, you sat down to speak with unsavoury characters like Milosevic – but only after NATO had bombed the Serbs to submission in the Balkan war, a war that lead to the break-up of Yugoslavia.

Israel’s fight is against an ideology that insists on the destruction of Israel and the murder of every single Jew. This same ideology is intent on overthrowing western civilisation and replacing it with an Islamic caliphate. I don’t recall this ever being the aim of the IRA. No, pathetic Paddy, Hamas’ ideology, like Nazi ideology, must be totally destroyed, or at least defanged, otherwise it might also end up in your back garden..

Your crass stupidity flies in the face of logic, O Lord of the Flies; or should it be Lord of the Lies? That you believe Israel should not strike back because it has the ‘best anti-missile system in the world’ takes no account of a million people constantly having to run to shelters on the off-chance that one of the Hamas rockets might succeed in its aim, which, lest we forget, is to kill as many civilians as is possible.

So Lord Ashdown, by implication you suggest that we should turn the other cheek. Very easy for you to suggest from the safety of your Somerset village. I wonder whether a few thousand rockets on Norton-sub-Hamdon from schools and churches in Yeovil might change your mind.


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