My Mideast Punchlines: ludicrous, loathsome and lethal….

Martin Sherman, the Jerusalem Post columnist, was writing the other day about Israel’s Left, calling it ‘ludicrous, loathsome and lethal’. Well, I’d like to attach that label to the useful idiots of the liberal-left wherever they can be found, including, of course, those in the UK.

They were out in their thousands yesterday in London and all over the place (even Chile, for God’s sake), ranting and raving against Israel. A campaign to raise money for the ‘Palestinian people in Gaza’ hijacked thousands of websites, including, would you believe, Newsnow/TottenhamHotspur, an insult to ‘yiddos’ if there ever was one.

Well, folks, they managed to raise a few million quid. But if any of those who donated think that one penny will reach the poor and dispossessed of Gaza, then one can pretty safely say that they are delusional. The money will go straight into the coffers of the Hamas leaders – probably to help rebuild their luxury homes, which, as we know, have been reduced to rubble by precision Israeli air strikes.

So, returning to the bien-pensants of this country, it’s worth quoting a dictum of disputed origin (probably mis-attributed to Winston Churchill): the fascists of the future will be the anti-fascists.

The Left has no genuine concern for humanitarian values. All it truly desires is dominance over the political system. We have seen this time and again with the Labour Party in this country. Indeed, that great luminary Jack Straw once admitted that Labour had opened the floodgates to Asian immigration in order to win the mainly Muslim vote. So what happened? Labour lost the following general election.

Now Baroness Warsi, admittedly a Tory, has warned the Conservative party that it risks losing the next election by supporting Israel’s right to defend itself and therefore alienating minorities (by which she means Muslims). After thankfully resigning from the Cabinet over Britain’s “morally indefensible” stance on Gaza, she is, where she belongs, in the political wilderness. And I’d like to remind her that most Muslims are, by nature, conservative with a small ‘c’. Socialism just doesn’t hack it for the denizens Pakistan or Bangladesh. So why should it with those over here?

Small FistWhich leads me back to fascism. Basically, all ideologies have within them the seeds of their own destruction. Remember the French Revolution? Remember the Nazis and their Aryanism? Remember the Soviet Union and its communism? Now, it’s Islamo-fascism. This will go the way of all the others, the only question being how many millions will die first. And it will be many, unless we all stand together to support democracies like Israel against the bestiality of organisations like Hamas, Hezbollah and the Islamic State.



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