My Mideast Punchlines: getting the facts right….or not.


The UN on Monday named experts to an international commission of inquiry into possible human rights violations and war crimes committed by both sides during Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip., however, Israel dismissed the inquiry as a U.N. Human Rights Council “kangaroo court”.

William Schabas, a Canadian professor of international law, will head the panel.

Small FistI just watched an interview with Schabas on Israel’s Channel 2 TV in which he was asked if he had a vendetta against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He said that as Israeli Prime Minister at the time of Operation Cast Lead in 2008, Netanyahu had been found guilty of war crimes by the Goldstone report. Only trouble with that, Schabas, old bean, is that Ehud Olmert was prime minister at the time, not Bibi. So it looks as if we can look forward once again to an informative, considered and accurate inquiry into the latest round of hostilities. Don’t hold your breath.

Meanwhile, if it’s truth you want, you could do no better than watch Pat Condell’s latest offering:



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