My Mideast Punchlines: oh, for the sake of Allah….

Fatah’s Central Committee on Saturday night issued a strong condemnation of Hamas, accusing the Islamist movement of targeting Fatah cadres during the war and stealing humanitarian aid.

The statement accused Hamas “militias” of committing the ugliest crimes and encroachments during the war against Fatah members in the Gaza Strip.

It said Hamas representatives shot and beat dozens of Fatah members, some of whom were transferred for medical treatment in Ramallah, Hebron and Nablus.

The statement said Hamas also placed more than 300 Fatah members under house arrest, exposing them to Israeli air strikes.

Other Fatah members were kept in Hamas prisons during the war, which also endangered their lives, the statement said.

Fatah said it preferred to remain silent toward the Hamas “crimes” during the war out of keenness to preserve Palestinian unity.

I recall saying to my wife that ‘you can bet your bottom dollar that some of those executed by Hamas for ‘collaborating’ with the Israeli enemy were members of Fatah’. Unity? What unity? In the convoluted world of Small FistArab politics, my enemy’s enemy is not always my friend. Indeed, my friend’s friend is my enemy. Now. when my ‘friend’ is an an enemy, my enemy’s enemy is…oh, for the sake of Allah, you go figure it out.


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