My Mideast Punchlines: a cunning plan…..

Another in the you-couldn’t-make-it-up category: to overcome Islamic State, you must necessarily stem the financial and material support from countries that feed it. However, if you are Obama, your wishy-washy leadership will ensure that those states, Turkey and Qatar, remain untouchable. I mean, all he has to do to kill the IS is simply inform Turkey, Qatar, and the world that it will have zero economic dealings with these countries and with any country that has any economic dealing with them, unless these countries cease any and all relations with the IS.

But, as far as Qatar is concerned, there’s an $11.5b arms deal involved. That’s a lot of moolah to a strapped US economy, even though, as I’ve said before, Qatar doesn’t have an army. Meanwhile, Turkish leader Erdogan (with whom Obama appears to be besotted) has also offered to take in beleaguered waifs and strays from the Muslim Brotherhood, which is part of the Hamas, IS, Al Qaeda axis of evil. So we have the absurd situation where the US threatens to annihilate IS with one hand tied behind its back. Think of it this way: you are the biggest power in the world, and your little friend asks you to sell him an armoury (even though, remember, he doesn’t have an army). Your friend then passes on these arms (no paper trail, of course) to the enemy you are trying to destroy, together with an oil well full of cash. Now, according to the la-la-land that Obama inhabits, this is the ideal scenario in which to conduct a war. Don’t forget that under this cunning plan, the US Air Force gets never-ending target practice so that it can at last play catch-up to the expertise of the Israeli Air Force. Just imagine, the USAF destroys all that Qatari-bought equipment, then Qatar purchases additional billions of dollars’ worth of arms to pass on to IS. What a brilliant strategy for saving the US economy.

Small FistI have a better idea: 1. capture Qatar. 2. hand over its now penniless sheikhs to IS with the proviso that the inevitable ritual slaughter be carried out as humanely as possible (we are not animals). Just think of the benefits: all that oil and gas, and only a short hop to destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities. Naturally, you also agree to have the 2022 World Cup moved to somewhere more cool and more peaceful: Ukraine, for example. You know it makes sense. Well, about as much sense as Obama’s current strategy.




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