My Mideast Punchlines: oh to be homeless now that winter’s coming….

Breaking news: Hamas political leader Khaled Mashaal will remain headquartered in Qatar, even as the Gulf nation expels many prominent members of the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Hamas is an offshoot, the terror group said Monday night.

Before you vent your ire, the above is Hamas-speak for the truth, which is that Mashaal is being expelled by Qatar, which has (at last) been read the riot act by Obama. This effectively makes Mashaal homeless. Now, our green and pleasant land makes a wonderful haven for homeless, especially foreign homeless. I have a recurring dream that I am exiting a fish and chip shop struggling with half a dozen boxes of  cod and chips piled one on the other. I almost trip over a homeless man sitting on the step. It is Khaled Mashaal. He looks up at me forlornly and says, “I haven’t eaten in a week.” I reply, “I wish I had your willpower.”

Small FistSeriously, though, I would not want to rob Mashaal of the 5-star hotel lifestyle he has been enjoying in balmy Qatar. So I suggest he be welcomed in by ‘humanitarian’ Sweden, and then shipped off to their wonderful ice hotel, made from snow and ice each year in the northern village of Jukkasjärvi. Brass monkey weather for him is worse than all but one fate: being left to the tender mercies of the families of all the Fatah members he ordered shot or thrown off the roofs of tall buildings.


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