My Mideast Punchlines: the truth that’s not fit to print….alas

True eyewitness accounts of Hamas atrocities perpetrated on their own people are as hard to come by as a Muslim in a piggery, so when I came across a bundle of them, I thought it best to just provide you with the appropriate link . But before you read these accounts, read my punchline below:

Small FistIsrael’s government should be roundly blamed for not capturing the Gaza Strip in its entirety and putting Hamas to the sword. After all, this is what the Palestinians (apart from Hamas members, obviously) really crave. It will give them security and a quiet life. But you won’t read about the aforementioned eyewitness accounts in any of the mainstream western media. As the AP, Reuters, the New York Times, the Guardian et al have already declared to their reporters on the ground: Palestinians committing atrocities against their own citizens isn’t news, so only report Israelis killing Palestinians. With this kind of objectivity, you can be confident that truth will continue to be the first casualty of war.


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