My Mideast Punchlines: you’ll never walk alone….

The world’s oldest hatred continues unabated. Liverpool Football Club deleted a tweet wishing its Jewish supporters a happy new year after it sparked a ton of anti-Semitic messages.  Those vile responses represent the  pernicious side of social media in that they are in your face before they are, if ever, removed.  Meanwhile, the Washington Post chose the Jewish New Year to publish an egregious op-ed that effectively called for the end of the Jewish state. It was written by a lady by the name of Patricia Marks Greenfield, who wrote that “Gaza and the West Bank must inevitably become part of Israel; there can be no two-state solution. And Israel must leave behind its official Jewish identity to acknowledge its multiethnic, multireligious character by providing equal treatment for all.”

Small FistOne wonders what motive the Washington Post has in allowing this garbage to be published. Anti-Semitism, anyone? One sincerely hopes that this ‘plan’ of the obtuse Marks Greenfield will go the same way as that of Liz McGregor, who wrote in the Guardian some years ago that Israel should allow Yasser Arafat to become its leader because of his “innate humanity”. In both these cases that classic male chauvinistic expression of frustration, Women!, is totally justified. However, I also believe in a one-state solution. I believe that all the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza should be relocated to Qatar, where they can enjoy the never-ending largesse of the local Royals, even more largesse than they have been receiving from European and US taxpayers for the past 6o-odd years. And, lest we forget, complementary tickets to the 2022 World Cup to boot. How can anyone turn down that sort of incentive? Indeed, it should have them all singing along with gusto to Liverpool FC’s famous anthem, “You’ll never walk alone……”





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