My Mideast Punchlines: stir-crazy…..

For those who have not read or heard Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s brilliant (again!) speech to the UN, the best thing to do is just give you the link:

Knesset members on the Left predictably panned Netanyahu’s UN General Assembly speech on Monday night, expressing disappointment that he did not use the address to unveil a new diplomatic plan to end the conflict with the Palestinians.

In the Alice in Wonderland world that the Left inhabits, MKs said he could have countered Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s fierce anti-Israel speech by offering the international community a new diplomatic horizon, but he failed to do so.

“The speech did not deliver an ounce of good news for citizens of Israel who are desperate for hope,” said Labor MK Shelly Yacimovich. “Netanyahu could have differentiated Israel by presenting it as a moderate country that seeks peace. Had he presented a real, daring diplomatic plan, it would have been a much better answer to the attacks that there have been on Israel, but Netanyahu does not miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

Her Labor colleague MK Eitan Cabel complained that “what Israel needs is not a good copywriter but a leader.”

He said Netanyahu should have taken advantage of Abbas’s hate speech by showing the world that while the Palestinians were killing the diplomatic process, Israel’s hand was outstretched in peace, but, “as usual, Netanyahu preferred to be right and not smart.”

Small FistI had the pleasure of meeting Mr Cabel atop Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem a few years back. I was there with my brother-in-law, Avner, who fought in the famous battle in June, 1967 that helped liberate the Old City. Cabel is a good man. He is also wrong. Netanyahu has proven time and again that he is both right and smart (ask Obama; that’s why he gets up the president’s nose). The simple reason that Netanyahu doesn’t put forward some Baldrickian cunning plan is that there is no plan that could ever satisfy the Palestinians, short of one that involves mass suicide by Israelis. As I’ve often said, one side wants the other dead, so there’s really not much room for manoeuvre. The plan truth is that Islam in general, and Palestinian society in particular, is a prisoner of its own culture. And what happens when you are a lifer? Yes, that’s right, you tend to go stir-crazy.  In other words, it’s not a plan that is needed, it’s a psychiatrist’s couch.



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