My Mideast Punchlines: déjà vu….

The outcome of the donor conference for Gaza reconstruction that was held in Cairo on Sunday was not surprising.

Representatives of 50 countries convened to pledge funds to Hamas and the PLO. The Palestinians had hoped to receive $4 billion in pledges. They raised $5.4b.

Most of the money will be transferred to the PLO-controlled Palestinian Authority led by President Mahmoud Abbas. But at least $1b. will go directly to Hamas, from its primary financier, Qatar.

With its $1b. Hamas will be able to pay its terrorist operatives and rebuild its terrorist forces.

The air force revealed last week that Hamas is rebuilding its rocket arsenal already.

Small FistDéjà vu for the umpteenth time. Israelis will pay dearly for not wiping out Hamas when they had the opportunity. British, European and US taxpayers (that includes you and me, folks) will also be helping to restock the Hamas arsenal.  ‘Nuff said!


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