My Mideast Punchlines: death of the turbanator….

Now that the siege of Sydney is over and Man Haron Monis is pushing up daisies, there is a truth that none of the media has latched onto. This is because they lack the necessary knowledge to say what should be said: that not only are we extremely happy that this creep is dead, but that the dreaded Islamic State is even more so. Why? Because there is one less Shi’ite in the world. Now we all know that Monis was a pretend ayatollah, but when he apparently began calling for an IS flag, I realised that the turbanator was much more than slightly deranged. IS sees Shi’ites as heretics. Their three steps to world domination start with their own Sunnis, then come the Shi’ites, and, finally, Christians and Jews, the People of the Books (plural), as they are called by devout Muslims. Now, as Shi’ites in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and India (not to mention Assad’s Alawite offshoot in Syria) are unlikely to jump over the divide to Sunnism, the only conclusion for IS is that they be eradicated. So it’s one down, and only 204 million to go.

Small FistAnd that’s why, as a tribute to the Sydney special forces, IS has changed its anthem for a day to…. Advance Australia Fair!


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