My Mideast Punchlines: once a Shi’ite…..

It now appears that the ‘fake ayatollah’ converted from Shi’ite to Sunni Islam. Monis jettisoned his Iranian birth name Manteghi Bourjerdi and rejected his religious upbringing as a Shi‘ite Muslim, favouring instead an extreme interpretation of Sunni Islam, according to a post on his website in which he refers to Shi‘ites in a derogatory term.

Small FistMy previous premise still holds true. He was last seen wearing the headgear of a Shi’ite ayatollah and not that of a Sunni cleric. Anyway, I don’t recall many Holocaust Jews being saved from the gas chambers through claiming that they had converted to Christianity. No, had Monis lived, Jihadi John would have taken extra delight in  separating his head from his shoulders. Anyway, once a Shi’ite always a Shi’ite, if you get my gist.


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