My Mideast Punchlines: blankety-blank….

The HarperCollins publishing house has omitted Israel from maps in atlases that it sells to English-speaking schools in the Middle East.

Collins Bartholomew, a map-publishing company that is a subsidiary of HarperCollins, told The Tablet, an international Catholic news weekly based in London, that including Israel in its “Collins Primary Geography Atlas For The Middle East” would have been “unacceptable” to their customers in the Gulf and that leaving Israel off the maps incorporated “local preferences.”

The atlas is billed by the company as being “developed specifically for schools in the Middle East,” according to its website.  “The maps give in-depth coverage of the region and its issues,” it also states.

While Israel is not demarcated on the maps, the West Bank is clearly labelled.

Small FistHmm, this begs the question of HarperCollins as to how their maps that give ‘in-depth coverage of the region and its issues’ can do so without reference to a major protagonist in the region, namely Israel. The publisher is yet another western organisation swallowed up by the black hole that is the Arab education system. Whenever expediency wins out over truth, it’s the children who suffer most. Blank maps lead to blank minds.



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