My Mideast Punchlines: extreme prejudice….

It didn’t take long before the appalling attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was being attributed by some hateful individuals to a source other than the obvious Islamist terrorists.

Take Greta Berlin, the spokesperson for the Free Gaza Movement responsible for the Gaza flotillas, who had this to say on her Facebook feed:




Small FistApparently, Detroit-born Greta now lives in the south of France, where I am sure she enjoys the company of her Vichy French hosts. So here’s my suggestion to Mossad operatives: take a detour from fighting off the French police in the north and head for the sunnier climes of Provence. Once there, you will find a blonde American lady with a German surname (capital, sir, capital). And when you do, I’m sure we can rely on you to treat her rabid conspiracy theories with the sort of extreme prejudice for which you are so renowned.


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