My Mideast Punchlines: puff ‘n’ snuff….

Revenge event of the week: while the IS police force has confiscated and burned tobacco products and punished those caught smoking, the force’s deputy commander in the area had been captured, tortured and beheaded.

His severed head was reportedly found with a cigarette in its mouth and close by was a note with a mocking reference to the fact that smoking is a sin in the eyes of the religious police.

Small FistI know that smoking is a hard habit to break, but to carry on puffing after you’re dead is taking addiction to a new level. In order to ascertain those for and against the IS edict, it appears that a head count is being carried out — literally. IS has a penchant for snuff movies of their atrocities. Puff it ‘n’ snuff it, you might say. Only this time the sandal was on the other foot.


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