My Mideast Punchlines: fat and thin….

The tensions in the North that have been heightened following this week’s alleged Israeli air strike that killed senior Hezbollah officials in the Golan Heights are also being felt in Lebanon, where apprehension is growing over the spectre of another cross-border war.

A Lebanese parliamentarian with the secular-Sunni Future Movement told the Elnashra news agency that his country’s interests have been subjugated to the whims of Iran.

“Fears of war between Hezbollah and Israel exist after [Hezbollah] showed no concern [to safeguard] the Lebanese interests as it implements an Iranian agenda,” MP Ahmad Fatfat said.

The lawmaker cited remarks made by Iranian leaders vowing revenge against Israel for killing a general with the Revolutionary Guards who was riding in the convoy with Hezbollah officials.

Small FistQudos to Mr Fatfat for highlighting the sinister machinations of Hezbollah and Iran, a collusion largely ignored by the west, where Fatfat’s type of condemnation is, you might say, thin on the ground.



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