My Mideast Punchlines: crossing the street….

Sad to hear that 60 Minutes reporter Bob Simon was killed in a car crash in New York City. Simon was based in Tel Aviv for more than 20 years as CBS News’s chief Mideast correspondent.

In 1991, he was captured and tortured by Iraqi soldiers, and he later said he feared his Jewishness would be more likely to cost him his life than the fact he worked in Tel Aviv (go tell that to Obama vis-a-vis the ‘random’ flap). Eerily, when he interviewed Tel Aviv mayor Ron Hulda’i in 2012, Simon asked the Israeli how he could live under the constant threat of Hamas and Hezbollah rockets. “This is our life, what else we can do (sic),” replied Hulda’i. “When you go out of your home in New York, you have the chance to get in a car accident.” link

Small FistProphetic words, indeed, if somewhat trite. Accidents of time and place account for every tragedy everywhere. Or, to put it differently, incidences are always coincidences in one way or another. And, IMHO, God has nothing to do with it.




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