My Mideast Punchlines: blue is the colour….


The ISIS executioner of American, British and other hostages in Syria has been identified. He has been named by the Washington Post as Mohammed Emwazi, from West London.

Emwazi is believed to have appeared in multiple videos depicting the gruesome killing of hostages, each time wearing a black garment covering all but his eyes.

The Post reports that Emwazi, now in his mid-twenties, was born in Kuwait but grew up in a middle class family in Britain and graduated from college with a degree in computer programming.

Small FistHmm, hails from West London, does he? First thing that enters my mind is that he must be a Chelsea supporter. I mean, racism and Chelsea go together so well. And make no mistake, Islamo-fascists are as racist as the white supremacists of Chelsea-loving Combat-18. It’s enough to give us all the Blues.


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