My Mideast Punchlines: the nuts are gathering…

Iran fired hundreds of missiles in a military drill on Wednesday, including two ballistic missiles which blew up an Iranian-built, life-size replica of a US aircraft carrier in the Strait of Hormuz, Iranian and Arab media outlets reported.

The Commander of Iran’s Navy had previously said that Iran could destroy all of America’s warships within 50 seconds.

Meanwhile, a senior Iranian official on Thursday threatened to “wipe Tel Aviv and Haifa off the map” in the event of an Israeli attack on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear installations. General Mustafa Yazdi, the assistant chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces, warned that “Iran will flatten Tel Aviv and Haifa if Israel perpetrates an attack on our country.”

Small FistIt appears that the closer we get to Bibi Netanyahu’s speech to congress next Tuesday, the more shrill become the voices from Teheran. Maybe the Iranian bluster is trying to tell you something, Mr Obama. Like, make a nuclear deal with us or we’ll blow you all to smithereens. Don’t laugh, for it appears to be a great negotiating tactic when you are dealing with an appeasing US Administration that appears to be offering the greatest of all deals to the mad mullahs: hold off on nuclear bomb production for a few years, and we’ll let you have as many as you like in order to destroy Israel, Europe and the rest of the world later. The inmates have definitely taken over the asylum at the renamed White House Facility for the Mentally Impaired. Obama? More like OBarmy (for my US readers, barmy is British slang for nuts, not the kind usually gathered in May, but the full-blown idiotic variety).


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