My Mideast Punchlines: skull-cap skulduggery….

Channel 4 News presenter Jackie Long, in an interview with Zvika Klein, the kippah-wearing journalist who filmed himself being harassed in Paris (see my blog of February 16 entitled aux barricades, mes amies), asked him whether he did not think he was ‘provoking’ people by wearing the skull-cap.

Klein said later he was “shocked to be asked such a question,” adding: “Is dressing as a Muslim a provocation? Is wearing a cross a provocation?”

Small FistNo, Zvika, lad, but in the eyes of the liberal-left media muppets, just being alive and a member of western civilisation is a provocation. Will Channel 4 ever suggest to a Burka-clad lady that she is provoking hatred of Muslims? Don’t hold your breath. Long’s question (which her editor backed, so no surprise there) was purely and simply a case of skull-cap skulduggery.


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