My Mideast Punchlines: Bibi Boogies all night long …

Small FistWith so many writing him off, it came as no surprise to me that Bibi Netanyahu ended up delivering a knockout blow to his Labour rival Yitzhak ‘Boogie’ (pronounced Boozhie) Herzog in yesterday’s elections . The slogans of “Just not Bibi” now sound rather hollow. However, the Likud leader must now heed the people. He must appoint Moshe Kahlon as finance minister, and he must allow him free rein to tackle the price gouging consumer goods oligarchs and the burgeoning cost of housing. It is a stunning indictment of Netanyahu’s premiership that poverty levels in Israel are now among the worst of the 34 OECD countries. It is clear that while the people trust Bibi as far as Israel’s security is concerned, his socio-economic policies have been nothing short of disastrous when it comes to the lives of ordinary people. He can claim that the state’s coffers have never been fuller, but that is of little consequence if it does not ease the lives of its citizens. For my part, I believe Kachlon is the man for the job. Indeed, should he succeed (and the Treasury has often been a poisoned chalice for previous incumbents), then he might even one day rejoin the Likud and become a worthy successor to Netanyahu. Besides Bibi, he is the only candidate that possesses a winning charisma, as proven by the number of votes garnered by his new Koolanu (All of Us) party.


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