My Mideast Punchlines: Clegg the Clogg puts his foot in it….

Nick Clegg has called on David Cameron to recognise a Palestinian state in response to a new hard-line stance from Israel.
The Deputy British Prime Minister said Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to rule out a two-state solution during his successful election campaign was “extremely worrying”.
He suggested that unless the Israeli leader backed down the UK should follow through on an indicative vote by MPs last October and formally recognise Palestine.

“It cannot be right given that this is the crucible of so much violence and division across so many communities, that one man, in what I assume was a desperate attempt to curry some votes, should tear up the basic tram lines on which a peace deal is likely to occur.”

My friend Philip Sinitsky has a visceral hatred of politicians, and Liberal Democrat ones in particular. He says that no one knows better than Clegg about “desperate attempts to curry some votes”.

‘In recent weeks,’ Phil writes Clegg, ‘you have promised voters the world, excluding Palestine, of course. None of your promises will be kept even if the half a dozen seats you may cling on to make you the kingmaker of the next UK Government. You broke your promise on student fees… yet, in your own “desperate attempt to curry some votes” from mainly Moslem voters, you could not wait to jump on the anti-Bibi bandwagon.’

Small FistWhat’s my two pennyworth? Well, the knee-jerk reaction by Clegg is symptomatic of the general ignorance and naivete shown by liberal politicians everywhere, including the present incumbent of the White House. No one thinks to analyse why Netanyahu said what he said. In fact, the Israeli leader has pointedly explained that with the current mayhem in the Middle East, and the possibility that a peace deal with the Palestinian Authority could quickly lead to a Hamastan or Jihadistan in the West Bank, Israel could  be committing suicide in agreeing to a two-state solution. Given the Arab propensity for takkiyah (deception), it is likely that any hand of peace offered to the Palestinians will be quickly followed by an arm and a leg. What about the foot, you ask. Well, Clegg the Clogg is one who has already put his hoof in it.


One thought on “My Mideast Punchlines: Clegg the Clogg puts his foot in it….

  1. Oh, I pray that Cleggy is not part of our next government. It’be great if the lib/deems are trampled underfoot in the forthcoming election.

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