My Mideast Punchlines: pea-brained…..

The Washington Post gives op-ed space to former U.S. president Jimmy Carter who calls for the rebuilding of Gaza and concludes:

‘Ultimately, only a peace agreement that grants freedom to self-governed Palestinians can bring the security that both the Israeli and Palestinian people deserve. As long as Palestinians remain divided, it will be difficult for any leader to sell to the Palestinian people a peace agreement with Israel. Absent such an agreement, lifting the closure and jump-starting Gaza’s reconstruction can do much to avert the next war.’

Small FistI have long regarded the ex-peanut farming president as nuts, so now it’s time to remove the shells, Mr President. No, Mr Carter, not those type of shells; the other ones, the more lethal variety (unless you happen to have an allergy). Demilitarise Gaza first, and then maybe we’ll talk about reconstruction. Otherwise, Hamas will have to stew in the mess of its own making, although we’d have no objection to you donating a few peanut farms to the pea-brained terrorists. However, if you so do, then don’t be surprised if the farms end up the same way as all those beautiful greenhouses the Israelis left the Palestinians when they evacuated Gaza. After all, you know deep in your heart that it’s destruction and not construction that is the raison d’etre of Hamas.


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