My Mideast Punchlines: Brown Boy in the Ring ….

Time to reflect, mercifully briefly, on the demise of ‘Georgeous George’ Galloway at the general election.

Galloway, Britain’s best-known anti-Israel politician, was voted out of parliament by his Bradford constituency. He is already in trouble for using his parliamentary aid for personal business and for a tweet that violated election laws..

Galloway has been reported to the police after allegedly reposting a message on Twitter about an exit poll before voting had finished, it has been reported.

The Respect candidate for Bradford West may have contravened the law preventing the early publication of exit polls after re-tweeting a message regarding early exit polls from the constituency.

Galloway could also face an investigation by the Commons expenses watchdog after his former parliamentary secretary claimed that he wasted public money on personal chores.

Aisha Ali-Khan has lodged an official complaint alleging she spent more time on Mr Galloway’s personal errands than she did on parliamentary duties when she worked for the Bradford West MP.

Ms Ali-Khan said she was asked to carry out a list of non-parliamentary tasks during her six months working for Mr Galloway in 2012, including shopping for his underwear and planning his wedding.

Small FistWhich handily allows me to indulge in a little gallows humour at Mr Galloway’s expense. It’s quite clear that George, an alleged womaniser, would always seek to have women handle his underwear, even his soiled ones. Though, to be honest, brown pants makes a change, if none too pleasant, from brown envelopes (allegedly). Brown Boy in the Ring, tra la la la la….



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