My Mideast Punchlines: Sunni days for Shi’ites in Gaza…for the time being

The Iranians are getting a foothold in Gaza: Beholden to Tehran, Hamas is allowing a Shiite group to operate in Sunni Gaza.

A-Sabrin runs several Shiite charity organizations, which benefit from full Iranian support and encourage the spread of Shiite Islam.

The presence of such a movement in the Gaza Strip is unheard-of, as is the fact that the Sunni Hamas movement – apparently due to the financial support it receives from Shiite Iran — has been tolerating its presence.

Small FistBut for how long? My guess is that when the wind changes direction, some of these Shi’ites will be forced to take a running jump off a tall building. Hamas has a penchant for doing this to its enemies from time to time. Just ask Fatah.


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