My Mideast Punchlines: let’s play ball….2

Is Qatar paying countries to support Palestinians in FIFA vote? …and vote Israel out of the world body.

“The corruption affair calls into question FIFA’s credibility,” Israeli diplomatic sources said on Wednesday.

“If indeed the allegations are true, and countries did pay to buy votes on hosting the World Cup, who can guarantee us that votes on the bid to suspend Israel are not being bought? We suspect that Qatar, about whom claims are circulating that it paid in order to host the 2022 World Cup, is now paying countries to vote in favour of the Palestinians.”

Small FistThe filthy lucre of the Qataris is evident in almost every form of corruption in the Middle East and elsewhere. Nothing would please me more than that they be allowed to finish half their magnificent air-conditioned stadia booked for the 2022 World Cup — and then have the competition moved elsewhere. England, maybe? Hmm, Israel would be a great idea, with the Qataris being forced to foot the bill or face exit from the world body. If it were to happen, you can just picture those futuristic stadia packed to the hilt with one man and his dog, er camel. Queering the pitch of the Qataris may have as much chance as Maccabi Tel Aviv winning the Champions League, but it’s good to dream.





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