My Mideast Punchlines: strange bedfellows…

Hamas continues cracking down hard on ISIS supporters. But if ISIS popularity continues to rise in Gaza, it could make for some interesting bedfellows, according to the Financial Times (click via Google News).

Some regional analysts now speculate that, were Isis’s influence to expand further in Gaza or Egypt’s adjoining Sinai peninsula, Hamas could end up forging a common cause — openly or otherwise — with either Israel or Egypt, whose military government it also despises.

“There might be indirect and undeclared co-operation between Hamas and Egypt, and between Hamas and Israel,” Yoram Schweitzer of Tel Aviv’s Institute for National Security Studies wrote in a paper about Isis in Gaza published last week.

Small FistStrange bedfellows, indeed. As far as Egypt is concerned, it would be like Cleopatra making love to a bunch of Philistines, Fun while it lasts, but ultimately rather tiring. On the other hand, Hamas and Israel being in the same bed would be interesting, until one takes into account that the modern state of Israel is 65 years old – a little long in the tooth for followers of Mohammed, who we know preferred 9-year-olds. Notice that Schweitzer says either Egypt or Israel. it appears that while two’s company, three’s a crowd.


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