MY MIDEAST PUNCHLINES: no Turkish delight for Erdogan…

Elections results are in and Turkey’s ruling AKP Party lost it’s parliamentary majority. As it remains the country’s largest party,  the question is what kind of governing coalition President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu can cobble together. Opposition leaders say they’ll push for early elections if AKP is unable to form one.

All of his potential partners – the nationalists, the Kurds and the Social Democrats – have criticized his hostile attitude toward Israel, believing that given the regional circumstances, Turkey should have joined forces with Israel to stand against their mutual enemy – Iran, according to the Israeli web site Ynet.

Small FistThere’s a biblical saying: tafasta merubeh, lo tefasta (You try to catch everything and end up catching nothing).  The odious Erdogan had Machiavellian desires to become the new sultan of Turkey, but the Turkish people had other ideas. Attaturk, he ain’t.


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