My Mideast punchlines: Druze and Jews is news….

Jihadis from the Nusra Front gunned down at least 20 Druze villagers in northwest Syria. The Nusra Front, which is affiliated with Al-Qaida, has already forced hundreds of Druze in the Idlib province to convert to Islam.

Small FistThe Druze are a strange lot. I’ve never quite understood their rather esoteric religion, but I do know that the Israeli lot are incredibly brave. They serve in the Israeli army with such distinction that it’s never a surprise to read when another of their number is the latest casualty fighting Islamist terror or Hezbollah, or both, in the North. But as for their brothers in places like Majdal Shams, as well as those in Syria, well, that’s a different story. They prefer to throw in their lot with the Assad Alawites – and look where that’s getting them. Druze and Jews is news now that Israel has pledged to protect Syrian border Druze from the excesses of IS and their cohorts. Don’t expect them to be grateful, though.


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