My Mideast punchlines: of carnage and coincidences ……

With most victims of the carnage on the beach in Tunisia being Brits, the action wrought by the crazed jihadist brought back memories of the 7/7 bombings in London in 2005. I recall that, at that time, one of the victims was an Israeli woman from Jerusalem who had decided to live in London to get away from the bombings of the intifada in Israel.

Coincidences play an important part in any event of this kind. Nevertheless, coincidences play no part in the response of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s repetition of his nauseating mantra that Islam is “a religion of peace”. By its own definition, Islam is not a religion of peace. Yes, there are hundreds of millions more peaceful Muslims than there are jihadis. But even a cursory perusal of the Koran will attest to the fact that Allah gives permission for the slaughter of the kuffar (non-believer). Of course, the fly in the ointment is the fact that the vast majority of victims of Muslim excesses are other Muslims. Death currently drifts across Syria and Iraq with the lightness of a feather.

Small FistIf the world is now a dangerous place because of the actions of ISIS and its ilk, how much more dangerous will it be when the somnambulist in the White House flies straight through the plate glass window that is a nuclear-armed Iran? The world has learned before that when the world’s most powerful nation displays weakness, the ne’er-do-wells have a field day. Just cast yourselves back to World War II. The freedoms that we cherish were on a knife-edge. Isolationist America (coincidentally led by a Democrat), entered the war against Nazi Germany only after Pearl Harbour, and then only after Hitler declared war on the US (a colossal error, and thankfully not the first by the moustachioed one). Just imagine if the US had not entered the war. No Manhattan Project. Instead, Hitler would have had much more time to attain his goal of a nuclear weapon. Do you really want to think about that?

Finally, there was something ironical about the photo of the Tunisian jihadist walking on the beach with the Kalashnikov in his hands. Why? Because many of us have seen Israelis parading along the Tel Aviv tayelet (promenade) in shorts and T-shirts, and with automatic weapons slung over their shoulders. The difference, of course, is that they made us feel safe.




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