My Mideast Punchlines: Snow fails in Gaza….

Channel 4 anchor Jon Snow was up to his usual Israel-bashing tricks in a report from Gaza. At first, Snow told viewers that he was standing close to the border with Egypt and could hear the crump of artillery fire as Egyptian forces fought it out with IS. He said the fighting represented a real danger to Palestinians. So far so good. But then he lapsed into the mantra that it was all Israel’s fault. Did he mention the southern border crossings closed by the Egyptians? Did he mention that if IS would succeed in entering Gaza, there would be wholesale slaughter of members of Hamas? No. Instead, he went on about the border controls imposed by Israel in the northern Gaza Strip, and then rounded it off with a truly heart-rending interview with a member of Gaza’s hi-tech community outside the ruins of the nascent ‘silicon valley’ destroyed by — yes, you’ve guessed it, the Israelis. “There were 42 start-ups here,” said one of the two remaining entrepreneurs. “Now there’s only me and another guy. ”  “Oh, no,” wailed Snow, “forty, and only two left.” He sounded like he had just witnessed mass genocide.

Small FistI felt the tears beginning to course down my cheeks, until I remembered a BBC Click feature about the Palestinian hi-tech industry. It was way back to the future. Even an ancient Pacman wouldn’t have felt under threat from that lot of programmers. Gaza entrepreneurs would be better off sticking to what they do best — building rockets. I mean there’s one thing you can certainly say for that: the sky’s the limit.


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