My Mideast Punchlines: of dogs and crows…..


Sorry, it’s possible that the Jerusalem Post’s comparison table didn’t come out on my previous blog.

It can be viewed at the foot of Alan Dershowitz’s article in the Jerusalem Post:


Small FistDogs are treyfe (non-kosher/hallal) in Iran and eaten in North Korea.  That’s really the main difference between these two maniacal tyrannies, other than the fact that while the former is seeking  nuclear hegemony in the Middle East, the latter already has a score or so of nuclear weapons in south-east Asia. If Iran is allowed to go down the same path as North Korea, then it will really be a dog-eat-dog world. Reading the above comparisons make me queasy. Foreign policy has never been one of America’s strong points. Mistake after mistake after mistake down the years. Forget eating dog, just let’s hope Obama doesn’t have to eat crow over this agreement. For all our sakes.


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