My Mideast Punchlines: the death of democracy…..

The White House clinched its magic number of 34 senators supporting the Iran deal when Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland gave it her approval. Thirty four is the number needed to prevent opponents from scuttling the deal.

Politico reports that the White House is now setting its sights on  securing 41 votes, “which would stop the resolution of disapproval from ever reaching the White House” and spare the president the need to wield a veto.

Where does this leave Israel? For one, officials in Jerusalem don’t view this as a failure. At least that’s what they told the Times of Israel and YNet. The latter writes:

An associate of the prime minister said the strategy in the campaign against the agreement was to undermine its legitimacy, in which Israel succeeded with flying colours.

Small FistI beg to differ. Iran will waste no time proving just how devastating a mistake Obama and his fellow Democrats have just made, and that’s what matters. But what is even more disturbing is that Obama finessed the vote against the will of the people. According to polls, more than two-thirds of Americans ended up being against the deal. The machinations of Obama have, in effect, sounded the death knell to democracy in the United States. When an American president rides roughshod over the will of the people, when loyalty to party takes precedence over loyalty to constituents, it’s time for all of us to head for the hills.


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